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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

New England's Original Bad Boy Independent Hip-Hop (in its Purest Form)

WE ain't underground, WE underknown... Boston never saw us comin

DOWNLOAD all of our LPs and mixtapes FREE, no sign ups.  We ain't dead yet bitchessss. Fuck old school & fuck new school ...WE TRUE SCHOOL... keeping this shit out the toliet. REAL EAST COAST RAP recognize godamnit! PEACE!

"I've known Dilligence for a minute now and heard a lot of the whole nme wreckidz crews music. Real grime music, all the way to mix-tape music. Quality is outstanding every time, and they always bringing a street point of view to the track. Dilligence is real good on the boards, and his style mixed with NME MC's  blends perfectly."

Skip Martin, Da News Stand

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The Embassy/NMEwreckidz

"Repping the rowdy shores of Massachusetts, the large NME/T.R.P posse rock a dark and death-bringing vibe kicking visual tales of constant beatdowns both on and off the mic. Several emcees spit the graphic crime rhymes with ease, playing off each others lines effortlessly. Monotone flows ride excellent, QB-style production, rife with weepy string." – Real.Com


"100% pure heat, for real, everyone should check this out. I just want to give you props for that one, every single track I listened to was hot, all above average." – Quesh from theMitten.net in Detroit, MI

"Hey, Peace from Protect Ya Neck/Wu-Tang Management.... just giving you a shout out. I like what I'm hearing keep up the good work."– Protect-Ya-Neck.com







Jake and the Fat Kid
- A Wrap


f/ Sham Kidd, NEdubz, Hell Razah, Shabazz the Disciple, Ty Nitty, Shuteye & MORE 


Produced by Mr Dilligence


(5th Platoon)

1998 Combat Text Demo Tape


(Digitized but not mastered)

View links to all THEIR albums, and read more about tha kidZ here...
I've also set up a DEMO DL page under our free music section, check it out, I've got 5 up now and a few to go ha ha. 

They're not tracked out or mastered, I have some more digging before I can do that. They are digitized in their entirety though, circa 1995-1998.

SHAM, TMS, K9, 5P...


Features Big Noyd of Mobb Deep and NMEwreckidz' Sham and Shuteye.

Produced by Mr Dilligence