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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."


SO here is the deal with NME wreckidz:

  • We are trying to change the way people think of underground hip-hop/rap.

  • It doesn't have to be poor quality or low grade over all performances.

  • It doesn't have to be a copy of whatever is on the radio right now.

  • It doesn't have to sound like it's strictly one genre or style of rap or be afraid to cross rap genres.

  • It CAN be original.

  • It can be intriguing and relatable without being cliché or preachy.

  • It can be accessible to anyone through our free download section online, or cheap from a mom or pops store and our online joint. It can be the highest quality possible from real equipment and knowledge, as well as content wise.

  • It can be no filler.

The only thing that was standing in between us and inevitable worldwide recognition is the fact that we chose to stay under the radar and not play the games of the industry.

We went by our own rules, and apologize for nothing.

Our music speaks for itself. Please listen to some of our material, I know that you will immediately hear the quality and love that went into it. We are not rookies having been involved with hip-hop on all levels, including many shows up and down the east coast, 50 full length (solo and group) CD releases, which we have had moderate success with sales over 35 ,000 units combined just selling them ourselves and through a few small distributors; 

We have done severalznational projects; here are a few:

  • 7 songs including the beginning and ending credits on the multi-platinum smash "Ghetto Fights" DVDs as well as the recently released "Ghetto Fights 2 - 5"

  • 2 Offroading DVDs including "All Crossed Up" & "All In" from Full Flex Offroad
  • 3 songs on a movie soundtrack, Kingston High, released on Artisan DVD and is in rotation on Black Starz

  • 2 songs in HOLLA!" an independent horror movie just released on Lion's Gate DVD.

  • a song in a bike vid called "Industry"

  • a bike DVD from the streets of Scotland called "Accomplish"

We had been delving into mixtapes as well (when it was still relevant to be on a mixtape before it was flooded with "DJs" or E-Jays as I call em):

We have also been involved with compilations on other labels, including one from Canada on Arbitron Records and one in Colorado on D.U.G.O.U.T. ENT. with PLAYA RAE to name 2. WE had Houston's Dj Xplicit do an exclusive chop and screwed NME mixtape, and relationships are grown with Boy Wonder ENT/CB dub as well as DC's Big-Shang...

Our main site has had great success for us since we started our online campaign back in 2000.

We have logged over 600,000 unique visitors from 13 different time zones and over 1.5 million plays/downloads.