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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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Troopa aka True Persuasion, best known as the co-founder of TRP/NME wreckidz... what is lesser known is he is also blood brother of TRP/NME producer Mr. Dilligence...

Troop and Dill grew up together in Virginia, and moved to MA in 1988 with their family... Troop moved around quite a bit after that, from Ybor City, FL, to college at LOYOLA in New Orleans, to finally settling down with his girlfriend Talya in South Beach MIA.

He put out 4 demo tapes from 95-98 called respectively  "Truth and Dilly - All Ova da Road", "Fist of the North Shore", "Sham One VS True Persuasion" and "True Indeed - Nyameane?"

He then put out two solo CDs "Foul Play" and "Fatal Union" and many other NME releases with many guest spots. He has a track on the Kingston High soundtrack as well....