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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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T.R.P was formed in 1995 by Dilligence, Troopa, Deep, Ne Dubz and Sham, along with some other cats like Billy Bad Ass and Fase dropped out the race. Back in those days it was called MAD TRIP, and everyone recorded into a handheld mic with a sock over it, or if that one didnt work, an old 1940's CB mic filled in for it.

Until 1999, all NME Mind, or TRP, had released was 60 minute demo tapes around the hood.

The second wave of emcees was instigated by J-Nice (now known as Jado) who brought up MP and Kloud 9, and eventually his two uncles Rek and Dog. Dilligence was then introduced to Lu Chin Chen and Dunjen Kru (Dunjen, UWC, Kosha Dil) and others followed, some came and left, but TRP remained a strong unit, built a foundation project from the ground up. The only goals are their total freedom with their expressions, doing their own thing, while belonging to a large group. 

Not typical in this world, co-operation for mutual goals through comradeship and cooperation... 2000s= the millennium of the NME, and it will be a long, strange TRP.

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