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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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Shuteye first came to NME wreckidz with the Dunjen Crew in 1998. His partner 360 together with shuteye made up the original Dunjen, and also part of the package was UWC (now Heat League minus 5%) and Killarochi. Following artistic differences, both 360 and Killaroch left NME for Team 220, who was run by Red 360’s bro.       

Shuteye, staying with NME having found a home, answered back with a scathing cd titled “based on a true story” and did numerous guest spots with fellow wreck kidz.

In addition to having his songs included on several DVD soundtracks and mixtapes, he also participated in Freestyle Kingz and Hood dvd projects.

In early 2008, he got together with Dilly, who was his producer for over 10 years, and decided now was the time to push… NME re-released a remastered version of his solo cd with 45 minutes of bonus material, and partnered up with Dj Rated R and his group Potent Product to push Shut’s material and hook him up with underground heavy hitters like Infamous Mobb’s Godfather Pt3 to boost his national status with a promotion blitz. His new CD “SLEEPIN GIANT” is complete and due to be released after some buzz is built by the release of his split cd with G3 and featured song. Shuteye is already working on his 3rd solo CD, “Street Certified” under the new name "THE EMBASSY".

Please visit his myspace page at http://myspace.com/shuteye01905

Download all of Shuteye's NME wreckidz discography for free below:


Dunjen - We Ain't Alone CD

f/ K9, 5P, NEdubz,
Troopa, UWC, Sham

Produced & Engineered by
MR Dilligence in the Attik


Shuteye -  Based On A True Story

f/ UWC, K9, Troopa, 108

Produced & Engineered by
MR Dilligence in the Attik


Shuteye - Based on a True Story XXXL edition

Produced & Engineered by
MR Dilligence in the Attik


DJ Rated R's Creeperz PT 1

F/ G.O.D. pt3 & Shuteye

hosted & mixed by DJ Rated R (Toronto)


Shuteye - Sleeping Giant

f/ GODfather pt.3, Sham, NE dubz

Produced & Engineered by
MR Dilligence in the Attik