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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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Sham Kidd



Gloucester MA native Jake Wood is best known for his record breaking Greasy Pole wins, the Sicilian-Gloucester summer starting tradition. Jake is the only pole walker ever to win all 3 poles in one summer. But he has another claim to fame... Jake, aka Sham, aka Pale Writah, aka Tha Kidd, aka Serkumfrinz is one of TRP/NME's founding fathers.

Sham was introduced to Mr Dilligence by NE Dubz, and did  a demo tape called "Sham One VS. True Persuasion" and then a 120 minute double demo tape titled "the Explicit Visit" in 1997.

He then made his CD debut with "Sham is tha Serkumfrinz - Let Me Tell Ya" in 1999, and immediately followed up with a project he recorded with 5P's Jado called "Dubl Dragunz - Entah da Dragunz"...

he then started and later scrapped a project called "Jake and the Fat Kid" which was supposed to be a collab with NE Dubz, which may still be worked on at a later date....

His biggest release was "Low Down Dirty - Sham" which sold almost 2,000 copies after its underground release and was reviewed across the country on underground zines, websites and radio stations, as well as being chosen for  D.U.G.O.U.T ent's release Coast II Coast. He was also having his track being used in the underground hit movie Kingston High, which is in rotation on Black Starz movie network and on sale at Best Buy and Blockbuster. His new CD tentatively called "Jake the Ripper" is in the final stages of post production and is slated for a late summer/early fall release 2005.

Sham Reviews

"Sham spits his venom and raises the question that many underground rappers do: "I got a job, but the job doesn’t pay me". No matter if you’re an unsigned rapper or an unpublished author, many of us can relate to this: our dream job doesn’t bring us money. In the meantime, we are often forced to work on regular jobs...Sham’s rhyming ability is undeniable. Globally, Sham did a good job on his album. Explore it: the lyrics are really great and Sham has the potential to make it big some day."
Isabelle Esling, International Hip-Hop Author
"Some big noise is being made from the alleys of Massachusetts. No it's not Marky-Mark but a cat by the name of Sham. Just when you thought it was safe to spit, you're getting spit on with no protection. Sham's ferocious delivery will leave others scratching their head. Representing a crew called NME Wreckidz, Sham is definitely out to show and prove that Mass. has what it takes to rep Hip-Hop."
Inkwell Media
"Sham's rhymes seem effortless....He knows the game and likes playing it...he methodically speaks his piece in each rhyme he spits. This guy means business...slow, dark and gritty... words come off hypnotic as a soft, bumpy beat plays in the background. Sham talks the talk and walks the walk confident in his skills and it translates into a killer CD that little have heard of as of yet-but not for long...It never felt so good not to be clean."

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