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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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NME wreckidz Reviews

"I fUCks with you NMEWreckidz. I'll be out there. You and your squad will be on the next Spotlight-DVD... Oh, and its the "SHAM PAIN" cd. I don't know how many CD's duke sent me but I'll be tuned in to fuckin Gloucester for the remainder of the week. Real shit. Way better than I could have imagined. My new Gloucester family. I'm certifying it... Whew!!!"– Roy Martin aka Spotlight Boss

"Hey, Peace from Protect Ya Neck/Wu-Tang Management.... just giving you a shout out. I like what I'm hearing keep up the good work."–Protect-Ya-Neck.com

"A collective of artists from the Boston/coastal areas. Hot hiphop ranging from mellow to thug, and with 21 artists working with each other to listen to, you really can't go wrong with taste or choice... a marvelous example of teamwork."–Boston Online

"Solid concepts and performance from upstart label NME Wreckidz... east coast street sound...have their own(style)...NME could be onto something."–D-Tension, emcee, reviewer at BOSTON SOUNDCHECK MAGAZINE

"This 18 man crew from Massachusetts is definitely pumpin' out some sick tunes for the 2K. Mr Dilligence leads this group as the resident producer; Every member brings their own technique, style and attitude to the group, which helps to make their music as a whole very rounded and original. Their styles range from thug rap reminiscent of Mobb Deep and Cormega (as heard in Heavy Metal and Dangah), to a lighter style somewhat like Choclair or some of the newer stuff by the Wu (eg. It and Social Butterfly). Take a minute to check out a couple of their tracks, its definitely worth the listen."–JimmyDiggz, Dmusic.com

"Ultra-deep Massachusetts, conglomerate brings the realness with dark production and no-nonsense rhyme tactics. Bubbling bass bumps, sinister strings, dusty piano loops, and grimy beats support their ass-kicking flows. Tons of tracks available, including acapella mixes for upstart producers to lace. Standouts include "Ghetto," "Whoz Tha REAL Mc?," "Beyond Sight," and "No Turning Back." Consistently tight sound plus impressive and intimidating lyricism equals major blow-up factor. Anyone down for QB-style thug raps should check for these guys ASAP."–Real.com

"You guys are sickest underground shit ive ever heard....yaLL bang hard....an fuckin repping the northshore an new england,,,YALL ARE THE NORTH SHORE AN NEW ENGLAND.....KEEP BANGING"–J-WON

"To Dilly & NME Wreckidz family: Thank you for showing support.  You are REAL HIP-HOP in the purist form. Keep doing what you do & that is make HEAT! peace"–DANEJA MENTALE

"Definitely my favorite hip hop group on Mp3.com...they tearin shit up like always on this track.  Straight from the studio into your computer system, TRP is layin that shit down. Rating: *****"–Reazonable

"yall whole crews is so ill...man yall the illest group out of Mass since Demigodz..the underground is boomin in Boston right now..but yall doin it. off da axis with that shit haha"–Agent D/malice n underland

"As a group you have been inspirational on every end of hip hop music! From the raw talent side, to dedication of expressing your ideas and beliefs through the performing arts and entertainment side of hip hop.. Dilly has inspired me to try and evoke emotion through the progression of each instrumental, truly I don't believe any other mainstream or underground group shows more versatility and heart in their material..No matter how big you get or how underground you stay Low Tide Records has supported T.R.P and their affiliates since 99 and will continue to do so for the remainder of their careers!! Thanks for contributing to the hip hop community, Mass."–Low Tide

"TRP- 9.5 out of 10. You are dope son, you have a lot of potential, you walk that fine line between mainstream and underground, but I can really feel your heart in the tracks, I really like "Addict" the productions fire. keep it up!"–Black 1 aka J Ron
"Globally the Perfect Storm mixtape is a masterpiece of work. Big props to Mr Dilligence for producing this great CD.  Lyrical masters like Mr Nash, Jimmy Gattz, Sham, Shuteye and many other very valuable emcees have contributed to this musical jewel.  Instrumentally, very original work has been done and I think the album deserves much praise for that too."–Isabelle Esling
"100% pure heat, for real, everyone should check this out. I just want to give you props for that one, every single track I listened to was hot, all above average."– Quesh, theMitten.net

"TRP/NME is raw talented!! Mr. Dilligence is doing those nasty raw beats and all members have their own style. Straight outta Mass. best on the east coast. Keeping the roots strong. Keep doing ya thing and keep it locked on TRP/NME."–~~Luciano~~ GhostCoast.net

"I've known Dilligence for a minute now, heard a lot of the whole nme wreckidz crews music. Real grime music all the way to mix-tape music. Quality is outstanding every time and always bringing a street point of view to the track. Dilligence is real good on the boards, and his style mixed with the MC's on NME blend perfectly"–Skip Martin, Da News Stand

"TRP/NME Wreckidz doin it right for Mass. With Mr. Dilligence banging out the rugged yet emotional tracks, and 19 MCs all with different personalities, they lockin it down for the home team thoroughly!"–DJ Hoffa, Hoffa's House

"From the beginning these cats had my head noddin' wit "We Ain't Alone". They posses a excellent back and forth flow in all the jointz. The tracks are reminiscent to Mobb Deep, with a Wu Tang type twist, while having a style of there own. The Dunjen is definitely spitting to uplift the youth. These kids are "Hungry" truly some next shit. This D.A.M CD is a must have..."–THOSE DAM CD REVIEWS

"T.R.P is a good example of the new generation of hip hop artists using the internet to control their own destinies, bypassing traditional mediums for online independence."–Suite101.com's S. Scarbriel (hiphop music and culture)

"Definitely my favorite hip hop group on Mp3.com...they tearin shit up like always on this track.  Straight from the studio into your computer system, TRP is layin that shit down... rating: *****"–Reazonable

"The first time I heard a few tracks from TRP, was when I knew this is the music I truly favored. I currently own 3 of their CD's, only time I switch CD's is to put the next one in, since the date of purchase 3 weeks ago, only TRP have been playing out my headphones. Each emcee to represent this young uprising group, every emcee plays a significant role. Producing CD's for only $10 a piece, it is surely more worth buying that anything on the market in the commercial industry of rap. TRP has something for everybody to enjoy and that's unarguable, I suggest this music to anyone, if you like rap or not, listen to TRP once, you'll enjoy it."–DEP

"PEDI BANG's Bang Out! is made of a mixture of harmonic piano sounds and rhythmic drum beats. Piano notes flood into your ear in a symphonic mode transporting you into nostalgic and scary world in which confrontation with enemies is a daily duty. Haters and snitches watch your mouth because the Boston emcees come very hard at you, stabbing you lyrically and leaving you in a pool of blood. Piano, drums, keyboards underline the emcees’ bad intentions....will take you by surprise, taking your ears to a rich and various musical background that fully fits into the Natural Born Hustla spirit....will give you a full description of the hood problematic..... Feel the passion, enjoy the inventive lyrics.... will draw you a picture of a love story in the real world. Violins, harpsichord sounds, rhythmic beats will make you feel the overheated ambiance.... Globally, the NME produced CD is an interesting and creative piece of work in which many artists’ talent come to shine. It includes Sham, Pro Lung, X Conn and Bogart’s collaborations. The CD is enriched with the remixes of good songs such as Bang Out and Without Love. Mr Dilligence did a great production work, as always. Check out Pedi Bang, you won’t regret it."–Isabelle Esling