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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

We Are NME wreckidz > old MP3 dot com LOVE

Back when we had an mp3.com page...when there was a real mp3.com not that stupid shit they have now... we got alot of love from fellow artists (even off the site if you read through), and used to post their links along with their shout out to us. here's the shout outs anyway. Circa 1999-2003?


Mr. Bilistic - "Been following ya'll for a long ass time... ya'll holding it down fa sho."

FlatLine Studio - "Good to see some peeps speaking truth, keep it real"

LowTide Records - "Large crew MADD songz, phat production, some of the HOTTEST beats around."

C.B.Dub  - "Nice sh** man that Mr. Nash cat is nice dog... "

Mazur (TVT, Jailbreak Recordz) - "NME wreckidz has that Raw, uncut, reality with biting beats by Dilligence......I had to use a beat myself"

DJ Casper - "Party people, check out my peeps from 'Bawstin'."
Dusty Dave - "NME has been producing many great tracks for a while now.  Check these peeps out and listen to the talent NME has to offer!!!!"

Off Tha Chain - "Make sure you check out NME on tour.  Going to be Off Tha Chain!"

Playgyrlslim - "Yall niggaz got some heat...Keep doing yall thug thang"

Corey Drumz AKA CeStyle - "Damn Dilly, yall doin it big fam... Gone is a hit 4real!  Stay gutta... 1..."

GangStarr HQ - "19 of the hottest young emcees on the scene with Mr. Dilligence upstart producer at the helm."

Celestial Productions - Website is tight...ya’ll music is HOT...

wwwRIOT - "hot Mass underground rap with a twist."

Bludd Bros - "Vicious as fu*k!  Ya'll niggas are ill."

Rockwell - "Hottest site online, hottest click, hottest shit."

Tech9ne - "Big Shoutz out to my Nigga Dilly AKA Mr. Dilligence! Y'all Niggas keep poppin that hot shit!!!!!!!"

Crisis Center Productions - "Dome cracking beats, rhymes, and cuts."

Uneekone - "Bangers that just wont stop...."

L PER'FEX - "Simply creative, original & powerful."

Rah Vital - "Fellow Mass-state representatives, beats AND MORE."

Frog In A Bong Productions - "ILL production & ill MC's."

Cheese N Pot-C - "Hot Shit!"

Intangibl Lmntz - "ill sh*t, whether ur chilln, jus bumpn in ya whip, or a true lyrical hiphop fan, its raw"

MCKillaWeed - "ILL stuff..creative hot ish...they're hot!"

Bodyrockinmusic - "Tight group ready to make some NOISE..."

Black Element - "Tha army of mcs w/ mass skill"

KErecords - "Hot Beats Comin From NME."

Weapon Of Theory - "Dope production + MANY skilled emcees."

Anonymous Twist - "ILL Beats & Rhymes"

Syntax - The Beatmaker - "A deep crew with deep beats..."

DJ Qwerk - "rap cats making moves...ready to blow"

Black Cortez - "More hot shit..We Like."

Homeless Nation - "Tight ass group worth listening too."

Laws enter Science - "Sham....thats all i need to say"

Everglaze (Ellis Kim) - "Some of the Best Hip Hop I have heard!"


Jimmie "DJ 360" Ligon - "Oh my GOD! Dese niggaz is PHAT!!!!!"

JAH - "Bangin' beatz and hot lyrics..."

ILL Circle - "Dilly and crew bringin' the hotness"

DJ -V - "Hip Hop We Like"

Young D - "2Hot For Mp3..."

DJ Efialtis - "They are cool, hardcore hip hop 100% !"

L.P. Lyrical Perfexionist - "Simply creative,original & powerful"

Nashid - "These katz is hott"

Sumstatic - "a slew of off the hook cats outta MA"

Psychlone - "Word. These cats are gonna blow up soon"

Criminal Damage - "NME wreckids iz on fiya!!!!!"

ROB VIKTUM - "These are my extended fam.. Dope shit!"

Halkapone - "BattlebeatZ from MA"

Rhetorik - "Mr. Dilly and Crew bringin the Rawkus"

E.N.F.A.MALE - "Man ya'll tight, and the songs fits into scriptures that were wrote in the Bible."

KAZ1 - " the NEW Kings of the East Coast"

b.r.e.a.d. - "Sick...the illest out of Boston, MA"

"The Eliminator" Jason Webb - "If you like "Round for Round" check this"

Revolutionary Kingz - "ONE OF THE BEST GROUPS ON MP3.COM"

Kaeda`Q  - "1000 deep and never show love to the K.."

Regular Size Monster - "beantown massive"

Zearle from Red Dagger "- mp3.com's Wu Tang, they stand many!"

BREAK HUNTERZ - "bigup to dungen crew!!!!"

J C - "Great Production & Rappers!"

RODDYROD - "Homestate Varcity Squad. Big up Mr. NASH"

Promizz Blake - "Hip Hop Guru's with top-notch beats"

Little Tin Box - "There is far more to T.R.P then meets the surface"

Krucial - "Hot ass crew out of Mass"

JAZZY LG - "The quality is untouchable..peep this!!!"

English Bob - "Crazy.... so you know they're dope..."

Ya No -  "Tight ass 20+ deep crew reppin MA..."


pendulumz - "Hard Hittin Hotness from Massachusetts-Checkit!"

SINic - "Great Beats!"

Phyrst Amendmynt - "ILL Producer...."

Phetus - "Unbelievable lyrics and style, various kinds of beats from this cat."

Stryke - "Mad talent...some of the ILLEST beats."

Mike Skeelz - "Young prospectz with a lot of talent."

1st Amendmynt - "one of the best producers on the net"

SINic - "Great Beats..."

The Home Of Perfect Beats  - "A respected/nice production vet; Young Kids On The Up (New Hot Style)"