SO here's the deal with NMEblak:

Zach, Zack and Dilly

The name itself was coined by a good old friend of mine, John Charette, when I was first explaining NMEwreckidz to him. He suggested I branch out and have different part of my label, for different kinds of music. Kind of like Def American when he was doing Johnny Cash in between Slayer sessions...

Anyway, before I became Dilly/Dilligence I was DanBanned, a crusty metal head halfassed guitarist/adequate bass player/drummer/producer/engineer with my 4-track cassette.

I was briefly the drummer for Grief, and when PTL Klub took a hiatus I was the frontman of the drummer/guitarist brothers from PTL's new project Hellraiser.

So I was a metal head crust punk who also loved hiphop. Since back in the day when jamonit and white lines would come on the radio, I was enthralled.

But in Virginia, pre-internet (actually pre-everything pretty much) hip-hop was impossible to find. I had some, like LL Cool J Radio, Run DMC raising hell and bb Licensed to Ill... but was ignorant to anything else. I was introduced to public enemy in my teens, as well as BDP. But I still was a metalhead.

Well... after 17+ years of immersing myself, pretty much exclusively, in hip-hop I've decided to take a different direction with NME for awhile. Not that NMEwreckidz is gone I'm just literally branching out and expanding what I have.

Those who listen to more than one kind of music should be thrilled. If not cool, I totally get it and I still appreciate you supporting  NMEwreckidz. I'm honestly more doing this for me.

Dilly 9/21/13