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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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NE dubz,

aka the Sandwich King, was born and raised in fishtown USA, and first joined TRP/NME in 96 belonging to a group called TMS, or Too Much Style, by the name of NES, with other members NER, or Jimmy Gattz as he goes by these days,  along with NME alumni FEN aka NEF, and Spade who spins now and goes by the name of DJ Matheson. They released a demo tape in early 97 called North Shore Hard Corps, and later called it quits as a group. NES went on to change his name to NESS, then soon after to NE dubble S or just NE dubz, and started his solo career as a solid member of the crew. His first CD, by NE meanz, has proved him a valuable solo act, and featured every member of the  TRP crew. He is currently working on his newest CD, not yet titled, a possible team-up with Sham called Jake and the fat kid, as well as a lot of guest appearances on other's CDs....he can be found downtown freestylin to strangers, bummin smokes off of underage girls, eating food for a living, and smokin weasels with his crew (his crew's weasels)....

SOME HOT JOINTS by the Dubstah:

HOW WE BE - dubz, kosha dil, x-criddon, prolung

IN DIS WURLD - dubz, shuteye, x-criddon, prolung

BREAKITDOWN - dubz, jado

HOW I FEEL - dubz, poseidon, jado

L.U.N.E - dubz, lu chin chen

BREAK IT TO FIX IT - dubz, kosha dil, prolung, x-criddon

CHEMISTRY - kosha dil, sham, lu chin chen, rek-a-word, dubz

MEANT TO BE - true persuasion, lu chin chen, shuteye, dubz