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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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Lynn, Massachusetts native Mr. "Bigg" Nash

No stranger to the game, Nash is a veteran who has been rippin' up mics and stages around the globe since the summer of 1997 after linking up with Mr. Dilligence and  NME WRECKIDZ.

Since Nash brought his straight to the point, hard hitting delivery to the table with Mr. Dilligence's bass lines, its been nothing but forward progress for the team.

While living in Japan from 1998-2001 Nash padded his resume by battling some of the hottest emcees in Japan (American, Japanese, etc...no discrimination here!), and by opening up for such big name acts as L.L. Cool J, The Roots and Outkast at some of Japan's hottest night spots that include Yokohama Bay Hall (Honshu, Yokohama, Japan) and Club Heaven (Honshu, Yokohama, Japan). He has also blessed a track with fellow NME wreckid Shuteye on the rideBMX bike trick video release called "Industry"....

Since then he's been on the grind paying dues, still with NME Wreckidz performing at local spots in and around the Lynn/Boston area and the Mass. north shore. Other spots include popular night club stages in NYC (Club Demerara) and Rhode Island (Sanctuary) and (Cosmopolitan).

Due up this spring Nash will be dropping hot tracks on mixtapes put out by Stronghouse ENT from Cali and DJ Hoffa outta NYC....Summer 2004 will be huge for Mr. "Bigg" Nash and  NME after hibernating all winter in the studio hooking up with Hampton's Entertainment Group and True Sound Entertainment.

"Mr. Nash makes you enter into his world and discover his fight. Check out this artist: he is not your average emcee. Mr. Nash comes up with a style that you will find nowhere else. He puts a lot of energy and emotions in his works. The album is musically rich and the beats are well handled.  I particularly recommend: Gone, Against the Grain, All Night and Break That. Mr. Nash deserves to reach the top. He believes in his art and puts a lot of work and energy into it. Mr. Nash has nice lyrics, a good flow delivery and manages to marry beats and instruments in a subtle way.  Explore "Against The Grain", it is worth a look."
Isabelle Esling, International Hip-Hop Author
"Mr. Nash is a man without gimmicks...This translates to his mic work as a style that flips rhyme complexity the double-bird in favor of coherency and story-telling, resulting in lyrics that are simple, real, and heart-felt...in a world of rappers claiming to "keep it real", Mr. Nash really is keeping it real, showing pride in the value of his own experiences and respect for his audience by talking about everyday, real life situations...Mr. Nash has just about everything I look for in an MC...one of those rare hip hop acts such as Outkast that is embraced by both the underground and the mainstream."
Justin Wollenhaupt, Northeast In-Tune
"This Big Nash cat sound like he industry ya'll really doing shit big ...you should be bigger for real...every one on the roster hot so when ya'll get the well deserved deal work hard at shit to get some these underground cats some respect fell me."
"...after listening to Mr. Nash a couple more times I now say its one of the hottest albums I have ever heard, no lie...Track 9, "Understand" is definitely a 10/10. Easily the best song on the CD followed by "Next Big Thing" and "Gone"..."
"Got my copy of AGAINST THE GRAIN, and y'all are sleepin' if y'all ain't rockin' this. Dope beats courtesy of mr. dill, and my man Nash really got somethin' to say."