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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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Mr Dilligence aka Dilly Fingerz (aka MAD VXT)


Virginia native, Massachusetts transplant Mr. Dilligence is the founding father of TRP Productionz and NME wreckidz.

His bio is almost too long to get into, but lets just start with the fact that he has been a musician since the age of 14, and a producer/engineer since the age of 19. He bought his first 4-Track cassette recorder and sat in his dorm room his freshman year of college at Salem State and blew off all his classes to pursue his dream of making quality and artistic work on his own. 

He then graduated to a digital 8-Track and a project studio set up about 5 years later and formed "MAD TR!P" along with his BLOOD brother True Persuasion and a few other down cats. Since then he has not looked back, producing (which in his terms means making beats from scratch, NO MIDI OR SYNCH, engineering, mastering, everything) for over 25 underground emcees from the Boston Suburb/Cape Ann area and releasing them on his NME WRECKIDZ record label.

Since then he has produced songs for several licensing deals under his belt, including tracks on the Ghetto Brawls DVDs series, several Indy movies (the Kingston High,  Holla!), BMX bike, skateboard and wakeboard video/DVDs as well as tracks on prominent mixtapes put out from coast to coast (Potent Product, Meddafore, CUDJs, etc). He is currently still producing for several local emcees while keeping his mind abroad on the bigger picture, while still having the time to raise his beautiful daughter and enjoy his blessed life.

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21 questions, here they are dude. 


1.  So tell us....what's up with the whole "Dilligence" name?  I got an idea, but I wanna make sure we all right?  so why the name "dilligence"?

haha nice one. well like everything with me, it has multiple meanings and is kinda funny in its origin. this is one of those things where i tell people it came from the actual word "diligence" which means hard workin/attentive to detail etc.. and that my real name is Hillinger, so i flipped that into Dillinger which was already taken by a bunch of dudes then turned that into Dilligence with two "L"s. But the real stupid honest truth is, i started callin myself Dilly first, from this old blues group that had a song called Dilly somethin. i thoguht it was hilarious, and i smoked a ton of weed then, and put the first initial of my name Daniel and glued it to my last name and came up with Dilly somehow. Then later it was cool for everyone to have more than one name, so i came up with "MR dilligence" and it just kinda stuck to me. ha.

2.  How's the sales for Sham's album coming along?

not as well as i would like, but sure and steady wins the race, right? at this point in my career, its more about exposure than about money. i printed up 1,000 official joints that i have sold, got a few hundred left, and of the other 4,000 covers i printed i have been burning promos and mailin em out across the globe.. my end goal is to be able to press up another 1,000 and sell those.. we have a Sham ad and interview coming out in a MS zine called "NEW POWER" and then in the issue after that we have a CD review for it, so hopefully that will boost up net sales a bit. we also have a company "Foxy Melody" which places the CD in Itunes, AOl music and other net outlets, so we shall have to see. i think its a really well rounded and strong release, so i have high hopes it will sell a good amount of units.

3.  What's the latest project you guys are workin on and when's the expected release date?

I have a couple of projects in the works, Nash and his new protegee CHA da RubiX have laid down a couple of tracks, and NE Dubz is back after a hiatus after his girl gave birth last year. The project that is pretty much done is Heat League's Pro Lung's new solo joint "Pro Ceedures" we might lay down one or two more tracks for it but its good to go. just waiting to re coup some of the money from Sham's shit before i have the budget to put it out right.

4.  Tell us something about yourself few people know.

hmmmm. i dont know what people know about me. tough one. ima big movie buff. if i wasnt a producer i would probably be in the movie biz. not acting, but more behind the scenes shit, maybe directing or cinematography. or maybe people dont know i'm 6'6 300 pounds? haha. or how about i have been a vegetarian for the last 13 years.. you pick.

5.  Who do you think is the best indy talent out right now other than a TRP camp member? why?

good question. that depends on if you mean underground artists like us, or fringe artists that are about to break thru. most of the truly talented people on our level that i have met, we have linked up with and have some sort of loose NME affiliation.. i always thought white owl bundy had alot of potential. as far as fringe artists, you gotta give it to the south and midwest. NYC is dead and that hyphy shit gets old real quick. i think baby huey and lil boosie will egt really big pretty soon.

6.  If you could change something about yourself what would it be and why?

The thing i'm currently tryin to improve on that i have always struggled with is my self-control. I go back and forth, and have given up a ton of shit like weed, beedies, hardly drink. i have had this fucked up tendonitis in my right arm for the last three months and its fuckin up my work out schedule, but the one thing i cant seem to give up see question 7. ;) as for the why, i like to have a ton of slef-respect for myself, and if i have no self control its hard to justify the respect. back in the day i used to do juice fasts, went in a sweat lodge, all to prove to myself that i could do it. maybe its a pride thing. i have too much of that.

7.  What's the last thing you ate?

haha dunkin donuts... large ice coffee and a fronsted coffee roll. shit is pure evil but so damn good. damn them.

8.  What's been the most cumbersome obstacle you've met on your path in music to this point?

right now it seems to be my stubborness, coupled with the fact that i aint a yung un no more. i have always been real strong with my artistic integrity, and never played the stupid political games that riddle the music industry like bed bugs in a junkies matress. i have always been of the opinion that if i cant do it the way i want to do it, then i wont. i have passed up opportunities to advance because i wouldnt kiss ass and play games. stupid, but hey thats me i guess. we have our lil fan base, i have my lil resume, and i stand by my beats and CDs. if i died tomorrow i wouldnt be completely satisfied, but i think i have accomplished goals that others may not have. im happy with my progress.

9.  If you could work with any member of the industry who would it be and why?

wow. these are some good questions man. hmm. i'm a big HOT BOYS fan, so i would love to work with any of those dudes.. iovino from interscope, would like to work with him on some business shit. timbaland and manny fresh, would like to sit in on their sessions and absorb knowledge. why them dudes? cuz im still a fan too, and with iovino he has a long track record of success and i think he woudl understand where im coming from more that the lyle's and jay-z's.

10.  What does TRP stand for and where did it come from?

hah. ok. TRP is some old shit. when i was in college for the first time (hahah.) i discovered ACID. and i tripped wayyyy too much. i still think im a lil bit crazy from that shit. but anyway. when i first moved away from Boston and came here to Gloucester i tripped for the last time with this kid Danny Russell, and i was like im gonna give up being a drummer (which was what i was for the longest) and start making rap beats full time. ( i was high as hell mind you) then i was like then im gonna form a rap group and call it Mad Trip. danny was like yeh aiight. then not even 16 months later, i took all my loot that i got from pushin weed, and blew 5 grand on the first level of the studio equipment that i still have to this day (this was in 95). i still planned on callin it mad trip, but it went thru several phases from Mad TR!P to MAD TRP. then i gave up on it being a "rap group" and me and some of my boys formed this shit called NME MIND MOB, and i started using just TRP as my "production company's" name. and it just stuck.. then all the rappers i worked with adopted it as an umbrella for all the rappers i worked with, if i produced your CD, you were TRP. so it doesnt stand for shit. its just TRP.

11.  What is the whole NME Wreckidz mission statement/what to you guys stand for?

I wrote some shit on the website when we first put it up in 99, and i also have this letter i wrote to a DJ last year that i saved and copy and paste often. maybe i could quote that. i think things have changed esp with the artists i work with since 99, so that may have been unrealistic, to read that go to www.nmewreckidz.com and click on TRP. but here is that quote: "This is basically what the deal on NME wreckidz is... We are trying to change the way people think of underground rap. It doesn't have to be poor quality or low grade over all performances. It doesn't have to be a copy of whatever is on the radio right now. It doesn't have to sound like it's strictly one genre or style of rap.

It CAN be original. It can be intriguing and relatable without being cliche or preachy. It can be accessible to anyone through our free download section online, or cheap from a mom or pops store and our online joint. It can be the highest quality possible from real equipment and knowledge, as well as content wise. It can be no filler.

The only thing standing in between us and inevitable worldwide recognition is the fact that we chose to stay under the radar and not play the games of the industry. We go by our own rules, and apologize for nothing. Our music speaks for itself, but still needs that extra push from an outside source to really get this thing to take off full steam"

12.  What 1 track do you feel embodies everything you've lived and stand for?  why?

damnnnnn. hmm. for me, my beats are my expression. its a different world for a rapper, who can actually come right out and say exactly whats on his mind, hinted at or otherwise. with beats you have to use clues, be subtle or beat dudes over the head. i dont know if i could pick one specific track to say "this is me", cuz i am such a complicated guy and use my beats as therapy to get shit off my chest and put my emotions right into it. if you go by that definition, you can listen to "GONE" by MR nash... that beat i made right after i found out my girl was pregnant with my son, and that she left me in a really cold blooded way. you can hear the anguish in the beat.

13.  Obama or Clinton?  Why?

Clinton. cuz she is a name brand already. also i hate to say it, but i think america is more ready for a woman president than a black one., although personally i would love to see both. obama, proly his best bet would be to be clinton's VP, get his foot in the door that way, have a really strong ticket, then run for president after hes got experience under his belt.

14.  Myspace or Soundclick?  why?

ouch. u kno me dog i use both. myspace is better tho. i use soundclick for song storage to save me the bandwidth on the NME site, plus i like their stat trakcing for VIP pages and the unlimited song space and deep linking. but myspace is hands down the best and most well known site out there. plus myspace is mostly regular people, the fans yo uare reaching out to. soundclick is 85% artists.... or i could guess that percentage. i would actually be curious to know the real percentage.

15.  I'ma put you on the spot....who's the #1 NME artist to ever grace a mic?  why?

cant call that sun. thats like askin a dad who his favorite kid is. i can tell you that i would like to think i have an ear for talent and most of the artists i work with have the potential to blow big, and some never got past the potential stages. as a pure natural raw talent, you might have to go with Sham or Troopa. they have the most effortless approach, and sham is a perfectionist like me. he refuses to do punch ins EVER. except on a hook. and always has his shit memorized. but other than that i can honestly say everybody brings somethin different to the table and that's why i typically shop NME as a whole package. its like a puzzle, you gotta have all the pieces to make it work.

16.  Who do you think is the closest competition you have as a producer?  why?

hahaha i have no fuckin idea. im the cockiest dude when it comes to my beat making talent. i am always under the illusion that i could take anybody in a one on one. but if didnt feel that way i wouldnt be much use. its all personal taste. my prowess and technical knowledge is up there tho, and so is my experience. i say bring it on to whoever, if i dont win, i at least hold my own.

17.  Who's the worst MC you've ever heard and why?

that opinion changes daily it seems like. emcees i used to think was the worst garbage ever seem to grow on me sometimes. but it depends on industry VS indy shit. indy shit theres so much trash i couldnt even say what the worst is cuz i block it out of my memory....haha.. industry??? some of those dudes are trash too. i put it like this. if i can rap better, you suck. cuz i suck. what was that snap song... haha see i blocked it out. but those rappers are TERRIBLE. one of em is ok. but the others... *shudder*. but i cant hate on em. they sell units.

18.  What first influenced you to begin a career in music?  Why?

when i first heard rap on the radio in the 80s, jamonit and ladi dadi. then ll - radio, run dmc - raising hell, beasties, NWA -s straight out of compton, easy-e's first solo cd, and public enemy was my shit. those beats made me want to make beats, but like i said i was a drummer then. when i first heard meth and ODB's solo CDs and i heard RZA on the boards, thats when i realized that was the shit i was waiting to do. then it spiraled from there, but RZA, EPMD/Def Squad, Duck Down/BCC was huge for me in my formulative years. now im more into southern shit, before it was trendy, gettin back to my VA roots.

19.  If you could have a dream job, what would it be, where would you work, and why this job?

dream job. see i wouldn't want a dream job to be music cuz i would be afraid it would kill it for me. my dream job would either be casting director for a movie company or a sports announcer/beat writer for a new england team.

20.  What advice do you have for indy artists out there right now grinding trying to get heard?

HAVE A BACK UP PLAN. dont be stupid, and expect to be famous. it proly wont happen. be realistic. do it for the love, not the salary. be creative in your work and the way you sell yourself. other than that, no. i like dudes who have passion, but i hate dudes that are just in this to make money. go to law school and leave this shit up to the real artists.

21.  Any last words for our readers?

thanks for reading, big ups to skip for giving a shit about any of this, for the dope ass questions.... support DNS! support NME! holla at me.