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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

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Kloud 9 - Prophet aka Prophetical Sun and Poseidon the God of Flows

NME members since summer '97
Homebase - Peabody & Saugus, The Naughty North Shore!!

Kloud 9 had a show on October 11, 2001 at Boston College, and last Spring, Kloud 9 opened for Talib Kweli and Hi Tek at Babson College and blew the roof off. They have also rocked several shows with the NME posse, including ripping the stage at the Met Cafe in Providence, RI.

Albums -

  • Mass Marauderz demo released Spring 98;
  • Call of the Wild CD released Spring 99;
  • Lights Out CD released Summer 2000;
  • Poseidon - Poseidonism solo LP Winter 2001
  • various guest appearances including the Perfect Storm Series