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Free Music Downloads > Free Demo Cassette Downloads (95-98)

Before Social Media there were cassette demos and mixtapes, they were everywhere and everyone had one. Here are some of ours: 

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Thanks for remembering real hiphop. Click the demo cover (or name) to RAPIDLY download these classic demos for free, no sign-up.
NOTE: These are not tracked out or remastered, just a single digitized mp3 for each demo tape... I may track them out and remastyer at some point, it's going to depend on the demand.

5P - Combat Text
Cassette 1997
Sham One VS True Persuasion
Cassette 1996
TMS - North Shore Hard Corps
Cassette 1996
True Persuasion -
Fist Of The North Shore
Cassette 1996

Kloud 9 - Mass Marauders
Cassette 1997