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21 May 2014
Music Composition in Casino Slots
How sound design is crucial in game development
People tend to automatically think of electronic music with the mention of digitally composed songs and synthesized sounds. It’s rare for someone to imagine the sound design and manufacturing for slot machines and other gaming equipment. In fact, no one probably would think about that.

Casino floors are often lit up by bright lights and filled bells ringing from gamblers winning jackpots. The flashing lights are an important aspect of keeping the floor lively and alert, but suppose the slot machines had no music or sound effects whatsoever. Would you still have the same elated mood you’d experience from a machine that rung so loud so that the whole casino floor knew that you had won? Definitely not.

The sounds and tunes are vital components for any gaming machine. In a 2013 study conducted by Mike Dixon, Kevin Harrigan et al., research showed that showed that players were more aroused by their wins with sounds and music, in comparison to their displease with no sounds. IGT composer and sound designer Daniel Lee explicates that music is used as a tactic to draw gamblers in and to keep them occupied for as long as possible. This also applies to online casinos, which is why castlejackpot.com has utilized IGT interactive software to attract more players. Much like electronic music, mixing and production can take up to days or even weeks.

Composers have to be able to capture players’ attention with their mixes which are up against the melodies deriving from other machines. The production process is tough because “while you are imparting a particular feeling that supports the theme of the game, you are also constrained by what will actually be effective in that type of environment,” explained fellow IGT sound designer Duane Decker. Despite the difficulty, his work has been proven effective. Music has always a psychological effect on humans, and the tunes of slot machines are no exception.

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