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22 May 2013
Shark Biterz Alert.
Its kinda like an amber, but someone stole my beat... and sham's style.
So Lu can back me up on this one (and MP wants in on the diss track).. but apparently on the new 7L & Esoteric LP featuring Inspectah Deck and other wu... The song with Ghost... Is a DIRECT bite from Cold in NE Season from Sham's debut CD (Also another version exists on Triple Threat EP).... Continue reading Shark Biterz Alert.

Posted by dilly at 11:39 AM in News | Link
14 May 2013
Just made an NME roster section
Please feel free to browse
Clearly its a little bit incomplete, and I have yet to do something for Dunjen or Killarochi. Then again I might not, like Petey Bang they were very short lived. Editing suggestions are welcome. ... Continue reading Just made an NME roster section

Posted by dilly at 11:48 AM in News | Link | 4 comments
10 May 2013
I usually couldn't care less
Preface this with i hate American Idol. That show should be cancelled after booting off Angie Miller. Boo.

Posted by dilly at 10:42 PM in Misc | Link
09 May 2013
copyright? we aint scurred of no copyright
get all of the NME material that was banned from mediafire on this blog

I will be posting them as a whole then maybe individually I'm not sure yet.

I feel like this is the tenth time I've tried to use a reliable cloud service. first few times they would just randomly delete my shit. Hopefully this one is good enough for now...

... Continue reading copyright? we aint scurred of no copyright

Posted by dilly at 11:10 AM in CD Downloads | Link | 2 comments
08 May 2013
NEW format and NME Blog! Words From Dillz
Its kinda throwback to the old Guestbook we had so long ago...
Hey y'all.

So it's kind of official I'm retired from behind the boards. I'm just thoroughly disgusted with the music industry as a whole, and its starting to become a caricature of itself. I'm embarrassed to be associated with it, sad as that is, its true... :( Thanks Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. You completely ruined it for us all... ... Continue reading NEW format and NME Blog! Words From Dillz

Posted by dilly at 11:39 AM in News | Link | 3 comments
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