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"Unique blend of beats and emotional lyrics."

We Are NME wreckidz > T.R.P Emcee Roster > 5P (Mad Pat, Jado)

5P (Mad Pat and Jado) This duo, not only is a black and white combination, but a mass state and upstate NY collaboration as well.

MP, who joined T.R.P/NME Wreckidz when MP was 13, recorded this track when he was 15, and lives in Peabody, Mass.

Jado, or J-nice, is the nephew of fellow NME mates R.a.W. and D.o.G, who are brothers, and also hail from NY. Jado is also in two other groups in T.R.P: Dubl Dragunz with Sham, and Dubl Homocide with uncle Rek-a-Word.

5P has produced a 60 minute demo tape called "Combat text" and released a full length CD called "Combat Text 2000" and have played several shows with the NME fam before departing the group for solo careers. ALL their works with NME are available below for free DL.

Combat Text Demo Tape
1998 (Digitized but unmastered)
Combat Text 2000
Jado - Mad Drama
MP (Mad Pat) - Picklez n' Fish